Interesting observations…

Recently a family I am friends with lost everything, including all of their pets to a house fire. These are wonderful people who have always been the type to help others whenever given the chance and the last to deserve this. So many of our mutual friends contacted me and said things like, “I want to help..” “How can I give money?”, etc. Due to what I thought was popular demand I set up an account to collect donations.

People have been incredibly generous.. we’ve raised nearly $1900 so far and most of this has come from complete strangers. Hence the title of this blog. Many of the people who have specifically asked for a place to donate money haven’t used the site (of course times are tough and not everyone has money to spare), yet many people who do not know the family at all (I am certain of this because they are my friends and relatives so far) have donated hundreds of dollar. I thought I would share the link here –it’s one more place to try.

If you are unable to donate (or perhaps you already have) I would be eternally grateful if you would share the link. This exerience has taught me that sharing is everything – like with any product trying to market to the right demographic is everything. I shared with the right people and as a result raised most of what is so far raised through complete strangers!

Another thing my own family is doing is hosting an eBay store. All proceeds are going into the fund. Anything we do not need, that the family cannot use themselves is being sold on eBay. We’ve stated that if anyone else has unwanted things and doesn’t feel like listing on eBay, we would gladly take the items and add them to our own eBay store. Any little bit of money, items that can be turned into money or sharing  /spreading the word is helpful.

Thank you for reading.