I have much to say about the following article so I’m just going to do it here. No one reads this anyway, at least I can feel like I’m getting it out. 


Title:  “Disney World’s ‘Gay Days’ Protested by One Million Moms

As you may know they made headlines over their protest of JC Penny’s making Ellen Degeneres their spokesperson. Naturally, being gay she is unfit for such a job (yes, that was sarcasm), and so they called for a boycott of JCP. JCP responded fabulously by ignoring them and proudly keeping Ellen in their ads. I actually never was a fan of the store but I am now as a result of what I feel was a display of great values during a time in which we need just that.

Now the above article is hilarious, simply because of the irony in every sentence. I’m going to just go ahead and quote my favorites, and share my own thoughts.  First of all, I’ve worked Gay Days and they were the most amazing days I ever spent in the parks. This was back in a past life. Not to stereotype, but in my experience gay people are WAY nicer than straight people. Second of all ‘Gay Days’, while hugely popular and widely recognized in the GLBTQ community are actually unofficial as far as Disney is concerned. Disney does not endorse or advertise them. They also do not discourage them… come on now… if Disney wasn’t okay with gays? There wouldn’t be a Disney. First of all… do any of you REALLY  think a straight man created all that is Disney today?? If it weren’t for “a gay” there would be no Disney. Excuse my following sentiment, Grammar Police (myself included), but AIN’T NO WAY WALT WAS STRAIGHT. [Yes, he was married and we all know that means nothing.]

When I worked Gay Days, (in my past life – so I do not know if it is still this way), Disney would actually extend the courtesy of warning every person that walked through the gates, just in case they were homophobic. It went something like “just to let you know, today is considered ‘Gay Day’ in the GLBTQ community, you are welcome to enjoy one of our other theme parks if that bothers you…” They even went so far as to say something like, ‘The Gay Day participants are wearing red shirts today, if you [unknowing guest in red shirt] do not want to be viewed as part of Gay Day, here’s a non-red shirt on us!!”  It doesn’t get much more accommodating than that, folks.

So back to the article. ‘One Million Moms’ Facebook group, for the record, has about 56,000 ‘Likers’. I’m not really good at math but, I don’t think that’s anywhere near a million, nor is it anywhere near the 150,000 GLBTQ community members and allies who come to the parks to celebrate this unofficial Gay Day, so I’m not sure how impactful their boycotts even are.

One Million Moms goes on to report that on the 1st Saturday in June, “gays, bisexuals and transvestites will be at the Magic Kingdom with an agenda and purpose that is different than what would be expected at Disney”. I don’t think that’s true. They are there to have a good time and maybe celebrate. Everyone at Disney is celebrating something. Look around next time you’re there, everyone’s wearing buttons that say, “I’m Celebrating”. Literally. How many people go to Disney every day for their birthdays, anniversaries and honey moons? Are those not celebratory occasions? There is no “different than expected agenda” here, sorry OMM.  For the record, we would not need Gay Days, if we would just grant EQUAL RIGHTS to all like we should. They go on to repeat that “transvestites dressed in drag” will be in attendance. Does this harm anyone? What do these people think their beloved characters are for that matter? Do they REALLY believe that only males are in those Mickey Mouse costumes, that none of those skinny, high-voiced little Peter Pans aren’t just small, flat-chested girls?!  And really, is someone dressing in the opposite sex’s clothing any worse than letting your kids believe that a five-foot tall talking mouse is THE, real Mickey ?! Or that when they meet real people, dressed as Princesses , “Cinderella”, “Merida”, etc are cartoons-come-to-life?! I don’t have kids, but if I did, they damn well would be smart enough to know the difference between actual flesh and drawings.

The group goes on to say “Disney has been irresponsible for far too long…” Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that only STRAIGHT people were good enough to enjoy the parks and resorts. I could have sworn Walt’s mission was to create a place that “everyone” could enjoy. In fac, I’ve studied him quite a bit and I know he did NOT say his products were only for straight people’s enjoyment. And while we’re on the subject, how many of those entertainers do you think are straight? Not to stereotype here, but if Disney was only for the straight, they’d likely be vastly understaffed. Reality is GLBTQ’s are everywhere –whether they advertise it or not. They are making your food, serving your food, entertaining you and hugging your children. It’s okay, really. It did not hurt you. Whether you’re gay or straight, if you’ve been to the parks, eaten on property, taken in any of the shows, you have been exposed to gays. There are 66,000 cast members in Lake Buena Vista alone; anyone who believes there are no GLTBQ community members out of 66,000 people is vastly delusional…  I’m guessing Space Mountain was just as fun whether the person letting you on the ride was gay or straight.

The best part is where OMM “urges” the public to write to Disney executives, encouraging them to do something about all the big, evil gays going to their parks. First of all, if you’re doing this, there’s a great chance that you are complaining to a member of the GLBTQ community. Walt Disney World Resort’s current president is openly gay, actually. Second of all, I’m guessing, that Disney is happy to take EVERYone’s admission money, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity situation. Third of all, if you have a problem with gays, WDW is probably the LAST place you want to be, if we are going to just go ahead and be realistic here.

People who are different from yourselves –such as gay for example – are everywhere and they are here to stay. I advise OMM and anyone else who has a problem with this to GET OVER IT, and really- find something better to do with your time. If you put half as much effort into solving ACTUAL PROBLEMS as you did combating non-problems, the world could be a better place. You could eliminate starvation or disease from some lucky third world country, for example. Contact me, I’ll recommend some great causes based on your interests, that have an actual impact on the world. Whether your neighbor prefers men or women does not harm you one bit either way  – and frankly, it’s none of  your f—ing business.

If you don’t like same-sex marriage, don’t engage in one. If you disagree with Gay Days, don’t go to them. It really is that simple.