I am not a spiritual person and am unsure as to what I believe happens after we die. In the instance of animals though, I have become a believer in the Rainbow Bridge. From the moment I first heard of it, I instantly had no choice in the matter but to become a believer because I knew the unfortunate reality of dogs not living nearly as long as people. Even though they are better than us. They love unconditionally. They teach us things no one else can. They teach us things about ourselves even. Dallas has continued to teach me despite having left me.

And so, as it has been one year, one week and one day since I lost my ‘daughter’,, I could write on and on about her, or the pain or the lack of a desire to live without her. Or I can simply remember this:


… while pointing out that it doesn’t hurt any less yet. People like to say it gets easier with time, and there is the expression “time heals all wounds”. Well, so far this hasn’t proven true. So I will just say, I have given this life-without-Dallas-thing a year and it’s not any better. We will see if there is any more to say on the matter in another year.

What I will also say, which really is for another post… is the people who made her suffer in the end are still not forgiven. The added pain their actions have caused me is also, not any better.  To the veterinary practice who knowingly employs drug-abusing technicians to care for their patients, and regularly partake in other unethical, immoral practices, the added pain you have caused me also hasn’t lessened. The details of your  poor practices are for another post… in the mean time if you’re reading this and in need of veterinary specialty medicine, do your pet a favor and ask me where NOT to go…

As for “time heals all wounds”, I am still waiting to find out. As for the above picture, belief in that is all I have now… as I stated one year, one week and one day ago…