I’ve sort of fallen into a love of photography and learning how to take pictures. To make a very subjective point – to which you must feel free to disagree with, please – I’ve become fairly well at it. Every artist has certain subjects they might prefer over others. My very , most favorite is pelicans. They are what got me started actually – another story for another time perhaps (Hence the name of my blogsite!).

I also enjoy shooting certain types of flowers, Hibiscus for one. This might be made obvious by the fact that TMaxPhoto is currently featuring my Hibiscus Series, “A Florist’s Rebellion” here :


(Yes, that was a shameless plug.)

Another subject I’ve really become a fan of is abstract; I very much enjoy using the camera to create and/or capture my own version of what I perceive to be art.

I took this photo of this necklace while messing around with some household items. Entitled “Tribute”.


Hubby/Teacher always tells me that when naming my photos, the names needs only make sense to myself and I need not explain myself or my artwork. But I will issue a brief, perhaps vague to some of you explanation for this one.

A dear friend was violently murdered and she had a love for dragonflies and her favorite color was purple. The reason I own and wear this necklace is in honor of her memory. And so the necklace went on to inspire a piece of artwork to add to my collection. It seems only fitting that the name somehow reflect that, even if it only makes sense or means anything to myself.

While I’d much rather my friend was still here and well, she has inspired many despite her absence from our world. Those who knew her continue to take inspiration from her person; her beliefs, her values and a few of us express this through our artwork. Although she is gone, she is still an inspiration to all who knew her.