Now. I am not a big fan of Oreos. But every so often the hormones kick in & I experience a craving and by God, you give those bitches whatever they want. On the way home from work, I had popped an Excedrin Migraine without thinking – I was on an empty stomach! Bah! I had to put food in my belly quick, or the Excedrin would reek havoc on it.

WalGreens was the first stop on the way home, I ran in, grabbed this here box of Double Stuf Oreos and proceed to rip into it, just to get one in me until I can get home and make dinner.

ImageNaturally, the damn things are stale as hell. I check the date: stamped as 13Sept2013. So there’s no excuse. Now, having picked them up at WalGreens I vastly overpaid, of course. They cost $2.49. The same size package at the Racetrac near my home only gets .99  …. So I’m irritated. It’s one thing to over pay, due to convenience charges/ knowingly stopping a rip-off store. It’s another to over pay for something that’s going straight into the trash.

I called the number on the box, all ready to let them have it, for having STALE products up for sale. And I get a recording explaining that they are only open 9am to 6pm. 9-6?! To quote Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time fo that!!! ”

So, I wrote ’em the following:

I stopped in a drugstore (WalGreens) and therefore OVERpaid for a 12pack of Double Stuf Oreos. Dated September 2013. However, THEY ARE STALE. Now, overpaying due to convenience is one thing, but overpaying and finding the product STALE is just plain wrong. I would like either a full refund or a product replacement, if possible. Thank you.

We shall see if they reply with my request. I will update this either way. For anyone who is bored out of your mind, in the mean time, there you have it. My current battle with Double Stuf Oreos.. .brought to you by WalGreens and Kraft Foods….


I may need to get out more.




Nabisco’s parent company did respond, and promptly via snail mail. They mailed me one voucher for a free product of theirs, of my choice. I can choose from things like more Oreos, Ritz crackers, etc. Yayyyy Nabisco – service recovery rocks.

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