So Tyler recently asked me, “if you knew at 14 that at 30 you’d be putting up with all this shit, would you still have gotten her?” About Dallas of course.

HELL YES. Of course I would. First of all, I was 14 so I doubt I’d have cared about the consequences, had I even bothered to think about them. 2nd of all, WHO could resist that sweet, adorable, wrinkled up face?? Even my MOM agreed to get a puppy  -she hates dogs.

(She will not admit it, but I am telling you she loves Dallas -she has definitely grown on her!)

I know she makes me crazy. I might even ultimately need to be locked into a padded cell, strapped to a bed, in order to prevent doing something stupid to myself when the time comes. I have become unhealthily attached to this dog to the point of obsession. I am under no delusions.

Financially, she’s a nightmare for a struggling college student. (Not that it’s her fault I waited til she was old-aged to seek degrees.) I spend more on her needs than I would dream of spending on myself in my current situation.

But – and my brothers know what I’m talking about here- and  -some other Cook St neighbors -and probably anyone else who has crossed my path in the last 16 years -nothing about this dog has ever been normal. No one can make me laugh like she can. NO ONE -except Hubby has ever loved me as much as she does. She would die for me (and other family members) in a heartbeat -she’s a loyal girl. (She’s proven that recently on some walks in our shady neighborhood- even in her senile, frail state- there is not getting her out from between me and the shady fuckers she senses are a threat.) She continues to stump specialists. {And she’s had an army of them: cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, internists, etc.} There are no scientific or medical explanations for why she’s still kicking.

Even now, in her compromised, high-maintenance state,while I’m feeling at my CRAZIEST and stressed to the max, I would not give up a single second with her. Even now, she makes me laugh every day with her strange, nutty ways. She seems to develop new (albeit completely mental) habits each day -and some are brilliant -and all are hilarious and make her who she is.

Nope, I wouldn’t change a thing -and if I do go crazy and require institutionalization when that times comes…. I STILL would take that over never having known this dog.

I guess I’m just another one of these ‘crazy pet owners’….


8-10 weeks old ❤


One decent example of what Dallas does… for some reason she likes to stuff her bed into her water dish. This leaves her with no water, and no bed, we cannot understand it.


Dallas using the heater as a pillow.