I began my Bachelor’s program at a rather respectable institution: Bay Path College. I will complete my Master’s program with this school as it is infamously reputed as being a tough school, is a very good school and though it will be hard and miserable, it is a school I will be proud to say I have a degree from.

I moved to Florida prior to completing my undergraduate work and so I needed to transfer. As a result, my degree is from Keiser University. One thing they advertise and promise during recruitment, the admissions process and throughout attending classes and events with them: job assistance. They boast that this is always available to us once we’ve been a student at KU.

Well, today I received my first email entitled “job opportunity”. It’s a good thing I worked so hard to earn all A’s – what with the education and skill level that seem to be required of the employers they work with. (That might’ve been sarcasm.. I’ll paste the eligibility requirements and let you decide.)

. High School Diploma
. A valid driver’s license. 
. Must be able to lift 60 pounds.
. Excellent customer service. 

Gee, I could never have found such an opportunity without my six-figure education. This posting totally reassures me that I made the right decision in getting a college education…