Having seen Three Days Grace live many times, I’ve always been a big fan. They always sounded amazing live and clearly worked hard to please their fans. Hubby had always had the “I could take them or leave them” attitude. After convincing him to see a show in Boston, he was hooked. Who wouldn’t be?  After this he was always willing to go with me when they came around. Seeing them live won him over.

Last week when I heard they were coming to Orlando as co-headliners with Shinedown and special guest P.O.D., naturally we got tickets right away. The show was last night, March 9, 2013 at the Magic Arena. (Screw you, company whose name I will not publish solely because you paid to make an awesome venue name into a stupid one – it will always be the Magic Arena, as it is where the Magic happens.)

While waiting for Three Days Grace to come on, after sitting through a painful performance by P.O.D., Hubby found a disappointing news article on his phone. Apparently Adam Gontier left the band due to health reason in December and the band decided to keep it quiet in order to sell tickets to this tour. He was
replaced” by Matt Walst. We were disappointed but of course stayed and waited to hear. There was still Shinedown to check out, they’ve sucked in the past but who knows, perhaps Brent Tool Smith has matured since we last saw him… and after all Three Days Grace’s music is still amazing.

Well. Matt was pathetic and apparently cannot play guitar, or at least not good enough for TDG to let him do it for them. Without Adam, all the songs had a very noticeable void and while the music still sounded good, it still was disappointing to those of us who have seen them before and come to expect better. Matt’s voice only made it sound more wrong. When they played ‘Pain’ it was just that: painful. This is a song that relies heavily on vocals, particularly strong vocals such as those of Adam Gontier. Immediately I felt like they should’ve left that song out of the set list, popular though it is.

We sat through several more songs and a sad drum solo until I decided, ‘this just isn’t worth losing sleep over’ and voiced this thought to Hubby. (I had to be up very early for work and we had to change the clocks ahead.) Shinedown was the last act so we saw none of them. We’ve seen them before though, so we know that due to Brent’s toolness they are also not likely to be worth losing sleep over.

If you know me even a little, you likely know that I absolutely live for live music. A total whore for the ever-sought-after / will-never-get-too-much-of eargasm, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of acts. My favorite thing to spend money on is concert tickets. I choose to have these experiences over nice things. My walls are decorated with the souvenirs of some of the shows I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Entire relationships have been formed and maintained due to a willingness on the other party’s part to attend these shows with me.

Also I have sat through dozens of terrible acts, waiting for the better of the line up to come out and please my ears. Until the above mentioned show, I had NEVER, ever walked out of, or even considered walking out of a concert. I say this as someone who admittedly has sat through acts as horrific as KISS (thrice). As Kanye West. (Whoever thought he should open for the Rolling Stones was higher than Keith Richards.) As Jamiroqui. As Insane Clown Posse.  As Cypress Hill (twice).  A random hobo Aerosmith picked up on the MBTA. And more.

Not only did the band formerly known as Three Days Grace sound like shit, but what they did is shameful. They lied-by-omission to their fans and let us purchase tickets to this tour, unsuspecting. It was Adam Gontier who exposed this situation by announcing to the press that he was no longer a part of the band. The remaining band members are still promoting this tour with images that include Adam Gontier, going out of their way to mislead their fans. [He was busy trying to heal and didn’t realize what they were doing right away]. Had I known he wouldn’t be a part of this tour, I would have had zero interest in purchasing tickets. I feel I have been had.

This is very disappointing. I hope this post gets exposure so that as many people as possible can know how scummily the remaining members of this band are treating their loyal fans. (Also, what a tool Brent Smith is for taking part in it.)