I think I’m gonna start a Keiser University, Jacksonville feature on this blog that simply lays out some of my experiences with the school. Most if not all are negative, to the point that I’m not even enjoying being a college graduate – I’m still having nightmares from my experience.

After I post some of those stories, the following snippy email to the campus president might make more sense.

Basically they are stalking me. They’ve been blowing up my phone for months now wanting to know where I work. Well, they tracked down TMaxPhoto’s mailing address, went behind my back and contacted TMaxPhoto requesting information about me. Am I the only one who finds this shady and underhanded?

So here’s what I had to say and maybe I’ll post a follow up, if there is any. Mainly this is for myself to keep track of these interactions but also, if anyone is looking to learn about this school, or is considering it I won’t tell you to run away. I will simply share my own experience, leave you to form your own opinions and say that I do not wish my own educational experience on my worst enemy.

And, for what it’s worth, No. I am not just some bitter student who is finding excuses for their poor grades. I graduated Magna cum Laude.

Greetings, President Winslow.

I am sorry to bother you and I hope this finds you well. I completed the final requirements for my program at the end of last year; my official graduation date was November 16. After my very negative experience with Keiser U., Jacksonville I am relieved to be done.

 However my mobile phone has been victim to what I feel is an unreasonable number of phone calls, from your campus. Along with just as many voice messages from John and Shawna wanting to know “what I’m doing now”.  am aware that I have access to KU’s job search assistance and while I do appreciate this service, I am aware that the real reason for the calls is to seek information.

 As a result of the level of incompetence your admissions, financial aid and administrative departments possess, half of my college experience (I completed half elsewhere) was very negative. I’m not enjoying being a college graduate because I still have nightmares of Keiser experience.

 My refusal to take calls from your campus was not an invitation or request for the calls to multiply. Nor was it an invitation to send requests for information to companies I might be associated with. TMaxPhoto was contacted for information about me, at an unpublished address. I know the sender went out of their way and spend a bit of time navigating the company’s website in order to mail this request out. Maybe I’m insane, maybe hearing from KU, still, on a regular basis months after I shouldn’t be has me touchy. Whatever the case may be, I am extremely agitated with the school going behind my back to request information regarding me from someone else. 

 I realize it’s standard for schools to track information of their graduates such as whereabouts and employers. I dislike the way it has been gone about. Blowing up someone’s phone is unprofessional and I would like the calls to stop and I would very much NOT like to hear about more shady, behind-my-back attempts to gain information about myself: is this anything you or your staff can help me with?

 Thanks so much for everything you’ve done; I might not have survived/completed the program without your intervention.

 -Jessie [ ]

 ***UPDATE*** 2.25.13

Reply from President – Really, did she read it at all? Or am I that confusing? Anyway….

Ms. Redding,

 Hope you are well.  Sorry to hear from you under these circumstances.  As far as calls coming from Keiser University, we do not provide any companies information to do any post-graduation call marketing.  Perhaps a company has received your information in another way.  I will provide the Office of the Chancellor the information regarding TMax Photo and we will have this company blocked.  If you are able to capture the names of the companies that would be helpful, we can then block the companies from contacting our graduates.

 On campus here in Jacksonville, I do not employee a Shawna or John in Admissions.  Ms. ____ , our Director of Student Services is also very sensitive to your concerns regarding unnecessary calls.

 I am happy to assist with getting these calls to cease.  Any additional information you may be able to provide is appreciated.

 Thank you.

************My reply to the above 2.26.13***************

President Winslow, 

Actually I am doing rather well, thank you very much and I hope you and Ms. ___ are as well.

I think there may be some confusion. I did not mean to imply that KU provided any other companies with my information. The problem is KU expects other companies to provide information about ME. This makes me very uncomfortable as I do not know what other institutions they have contacted. The only ‘company’ that needs to be “blocked from contacting” me is Keiser. As for you not having a John or Shawna: I am left even more concerned and uneasy. Either someone has taken the trouble to make your phone number show up on my caller ID from another location or your staff is using false names. This only adds to my level of discomfort with the situation. 

I feel I am hearing directly from Keiser University as the number on my caller ID is consistently: (904) 296.3440  – this is why I do not pick up! This is the very last number I want to hear from.

TMaxPhoto is not bothering me; they extended the courtesy of informing me that they received this sneaky request for information about me. Keiser University snail-mailed TMaxPhoto at its unpublished address requesting information about me. This paper appears to be out of Fort Lauderdale. 

My scanner is down or I’d attach the exact form I received. It is from:

“Keiser University

A— C——–

Regional Director of Student Services

Office of the Chancellor….


To: Human Resources/Employment Verification

TMax Photo … ” 

It goes on to request personal information about myself. It is actually a form; it instructs the recipient to fill it out and fax it back. If I learn that any of my employers (past, present or future) receive this and comply, I will be sure to make big problems for them as they DO NOT have my permission to share my information with anyone. I am deeply disturbed by the fact that KU went to such trouble: tracking down an unpublished address and going around me/behind my back in an attempt to obtain information.

I hate to be extreme but I am struggling with whether or not I need to bring this to my lawyer as I feel very uncomfortable. After the experience I had – and now this sneaky business and my concern that TMaxPhoto may not be the only recipient of this form. I came to you first in the hope of learning that this sort of thing can be stopped, and that it wasn’t sent to anyone else. I’ve learned that integrity is hard to find within Keiser University but certainly I am entitled to some privacy, no?

Yes, Ms. ___ has been very sensitive to my concerns. She has been so supportive and helpful! If only I’d met her sooner, or perhaps if your campus employed more than a handful of functional people I would have had a much better college experience. Probably, if I’d had a less traumatic experience I would have been forthcoming with my information rather than flying off the handle at the mere mention of this school… whoever is being paid to stalk me wouldn’t be needed. You should look into creating positive experiences for your students – it might make for less overhead.

Anyway, KU should not be conducting mail surveys as to my whereabouts. 

Thank you again.