Looking back on this, I cant help but question my own judgement since I did not run away. In hindsight it was only a preview of the level of incompetence of what apparently lies in their entire administrative operations.

I had relocated to Jacksonville, Florida and needed to resume working towards my Bachelor’s degree. During my search, I did make some eliminations based on the stupidity of their admissions team. Perhaps KU should’ve been one of them … I’ll explain.

I have a great experience with Ruth over both phone and email. She spends time listening to my education-related concerns and goals and patiently and honestly addresses them all. She’s very sweet and offers to have me come in,  take a tour and discuss financial issues promising, “we WILL find the funding.” She’d. Been open about the obscene price tag on KU’s classes. I had a good feeling and made an appointment with her for that evening.

Hubby and I arrived for my “appointment” to discover chaos. They denied any knowledge of a Ruth on their team and treated me as if I was nuts. I was about to get back to the drawing board when Brian N. in admissions intervened. He confessed that Ruth had been let go that afternoon and promptly took over. I felt better,  citing honest communication errors in their operations. Whoever fired Ruth didn’t follow through on her pending work… a simple oversight. I relaxed and reopened my mind to KU.

Cut to my “tour ” which is really me being locked in a room with Brian and interviewed on the spot. Eventually he shakes my hand and States hat he can reccomend me for acceptance. Great but I wasn’t asking for acceptance yet. He did win Mr over in discussing my goals and class options. I would select my own learning plan and classes. I could do a double major. The classes are accelerated so I can still finish in 2012 despite having taken ten months off to decide on a school. I could do both on campus and online classes. This satisfied my desire to build relationships with my peers and have a less disruptive impact on work.

Hubby and I found common ground with Brian in discussing Jacksonville.  (This is a whole other blog post. In short : we all dislike the place.) He did a good job engaging us both,  to this day he inquirers as to Tyler’s photography. We felt comfortable with him despite the rocky start.

Brian wisks me to Abe Otero in Financial Aid so I can see if KU is even a possibility. (At the time $1600 per class. Now closed to $2000.)  Abe and I start the process but it’s late. We set an appointment for the very next morning to finish. I promptly make arrangements to go into work late.

I show up the next morning missing work,  fighting rush hour,  to travel (campus is not convenient to my home) . This is about 13 hours later. I’m treated like some sort of scam artist upon arrival. I cant possibly meet with financial aid as the entire department is off on a retreat that had been planned months ago! I’m such a liar! And I gave up hours,  missed work and burned through a tank of gas for fun apparently.  This is everyone’s idea of a great time,  no?

I ask for Brian. He comes around,  apologizes profusely and acknowledges that Abe was moronic to make this appointment. He also took me to his friend Kristopher so I could accomplish what I’d come to do.

Clearly a pathetic,  disorganized operation yet it all worked out and was promptly recovered. So I went ahead and completed the remaining half of my work with KU.

I will say that the majority of classes were great  and instructors supportive. Almost all of my problems were due to stupid, unnecessary administrative staff. For the few unfit instructors it goes back to Admin allowing this behavior. Keiser University’s class structure is overall effective and makes for a good classroom experience which is what’s important and why I worked through the pain Admin repeatedly caused.