Most ‘hit or miss’ act: Aerosmith

Most unpredictable act: Weezer

Most fun live act: Linkin Park

Most fragile act: Rolling Stones

Works hardest for their fans: KoRn’s Jonathan Davis

Most likely to never disappoint: Metallica

Most last-minute cancelations/no-shows: Aerosmith

(The way they tend to announce said cancelations is by taping a sign to the door the night of the show, so that you travel to the venue only to be disappointed.)

Band who hates their fans the most: Aerosmith

(Last several tours, fans have had to endure the likes of KISS, Motley Crue, Lenny Kravitz, Cheap Trick, Kid Rock, Random dude they found in the MBTA, ….)

Most redundant: Collective Soul, KISS

Longest song titles: Panic! at the disco

Loudest: Slayer

Most tours despite having no new music: Aerosmith

Greatest clean-up/ Comebck: Hole

Band who’s fans are the biggest potheads: Incubus

Biggest tools: Shinedown

Craziest: Alanis Morissette

Cockiest (warranted): 30 Seconds to Mars

Cockiest (unwarranted):  Godsmack

(love them but they got cocky after they stopped being good!)

Most ‘all washed up’: Motley Crue

Most people having sex in the crowd: Jack Johnson

Most topless fans: Rob Zombie

Crappy Act I’ve been dragged to the most: Third Eye Blind

Most false promises made to fans: Aerosmith

Most loyal fans: Metallica

Band I’ve been off by security the most: Aerosmith (mainly Joe Perry)

Makes the most noise: The White Stripes

Most obnoxious fans: Aerosmith (Damn baby-boomers cannot handle their beer!)

Never fail to set things on fire: Green Day

Closest to getting arrested: WBCN’s annual River Raves

Hottest Act: any involving JACK WHITE

Most tired girls-dancing-in-cages-Act: Motley Crue

Biggest ‘fest whores: Dope, Sevendust, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, KoRn, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit

Most confusing opening Act: Kanye West for the Stones

Worst performance ever sat through: Kanye West, ICP

Biggest Pansies: Live

Most out there while always sounding amazing: Muse

Most likely to show us his junk: Marilyn Manson

Hottest guy in a dress: Twiggy Ramirez of Manson

Most in it for their fans: Metallica

Most pathetic: Jamiroquai

Most likely to forget they’re a musical act & turn comedic instead: Bare Naked Ladies

 Act with Sexiest female Lead:  Garbage