Once upon a time there was a girl who was generally a very loyal person. In fact, her name is Faith; people would affectionately call her ‘Faithfully’ at times.

 Whenever and where ever she was employed, whether she liked the job/employer or not, she gave it her all because she felt loyal to the institution that gave her something to do and paid her for it. This always worked in her favor as she advanced quickly in everything she did.

Faith was so loyal to those around her that she would do anything for them. She would not report her employers for failing to provide basic required-by-law things like bathrooms for example. She would risk her own health, holding it all day –rather than cause problems for her employer that couldn’t provide something as simple as enough bathrooms to accommodate staff and customers.

She would work crazy-long hours that stretched far beyond what the schedule said, without being extended the courtesy of being asked. Even when forced and never thanked, she would stay hours beyond her scheduled shift end. She would do the jobs of everyone else who slacked- not wanting anyone to get in trouble. Faith was so loyal that, she would rather quietly do the work of four people than just let them fall on their faces for doing nothing all day and have it easier.

One belief that Faith harbored was the concept that ‘true loyalty was just that; loyalty isn’t something that can be fleeting’.

During a stint at a small business, a business Faith did like well enough, but had poor benefits and had served her and her family vast injustices there was an interesting turn of events that resulted in enough to even put an end to her loyalty.

A new person was hired in order to assist in some of the day to day operations and she was overheard insinuating that Faith may have stolen cash from the company! [This had no merit as the cash was right where it was supposed to be… interesting accusation to make …what’s more interesting is the fact that Assistant’s acusation seemed to be considered for a brief moment…]

During this same time, the company hired one of these men of the ‘women have no value’ belief. Faith dutifully took his demeaning orders, even though she wanted to instead cut off his favorite organ. She also sat by and watched, filed no complaints to the licensing or labor boards about the fact that he clearly treated his male customers better than his female customers.

She trained a new person who came on to replace a former co-worker. The new person had a fleeting memory and didn’t retain everything all the time, particularly when the environment became chaotic or stressful. However New Person had a wonderful attitude, always seeing the positive in every situation, spreading this attitude, and a willingness to work any time anywhere and put up with any task.

It was deemed that new person’s fleeting memory was the fault of Faith. And so she was verbally abused at length, after years of receiving only positive feedback. And another was brought in to “re-train” New Person, since Faith was such an idiot who had gotten it all wrong. Those around her, who could clearly see the reality of the situation said, “Don’t worry. When New Person finishes her “re-training” under someone else and still has this fleeting memory problem, management will clearly see that it wasn’t your fault”.  But Faith – the ever loyal –suddenly found reason to become disloyal to someone. Which of course explains her response of, “no, it will be too late by then”. Faith went on to find a job with a larger company that offers lots of competitive benefits and ended up working in a place that she liked better than “well-enough”, actually enjoying it!

Lesson: loyalty can pay, if it’s not misdirected. If Faith’s loyalty had been repaid, or even slightly acknowledged for that matter, the small, crappy company would still have a good, dedicated employee. Since it was not even considered, she learned the valuable lesson of when enough is enough, and wound up better for it in many ways.