I was just savoring a really satisfying thought, about a time recently when I caught someone in a lie. If you know me, you know that I despise lying. I always am honest – to a fault. Even if telling the truth is not in my best interest or will somehow burn me or will be hurtful to someone, I’ve got to do it.

I am not going to give away any names here, to spare them from the embarrassment. But I just want to take a moment to immortalize my very satisfying moment.

Recently I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in awhile. I said my usual, ‘hey man’ in way of greeting. The response I received was very unexpected. Rather than saying hello or something like it, the person launched into a very loud, lecture type of situation, screaming at me about how inappropriate I am on Facebook, how I post “everything I do, everywhere I go, everything I am eating, etc.” at all times for all the world to see. And how “stupid” I am for doing that. I am clearly asking to be axe murdered or fired from my job by everything I do in ‘said posts’. On and on. Just ripping into me about my Facebook habits. I immediately became really angry because all I had done was say hello to someone I hadn’t seen in awhile.

The thing is: some of what was said, about how I use FB may be true. I’m not actually stupid. I do check into some places on Foursquare so my friends can sometimes see where I am eating and shopping. I do not however “post everything” about every little aspect of my life. I rant about schoolwork, I post observations I have made, I whine about missing Dallas…  I boast about good shopping excursions on which I’ve saved money, I share deals, share my academic achievements, etc. I sure do curse and share what are offensive views to many, but that’s okay ‘cause it’s MY FB page. I regularly tell everyone that if they are easily offended they should ‘unfriend’ me and there will never be any hard feelings; I know I am offensive. All of this is getting off-topic.

The point is: I DO NOT use it the way this person claims… not really anyway.

 The funny thing is: said person has NO IDEA what I use my FB page for. What I post. What I have going on in my life. This is because some time ago I played around with my FB settings. This person, who randomly screamed at me for being “stupid” and using FB all “wrong” has NO IDEA what goes on in my FB statuses. It so happens that my settings involve all statuses I post NOT being shared with this person for this very reason!! I do not want this person to know what I am up to; I do not care whether or not we maintain any sort of relationship –but if we are going to, the less the know about my activities the better since they have an affinity for finding fault in everything and making me listen to lectures, and calling me names and putting me down, etc.

 So when I replied with, “You’re never even on FB, how would you know what I’m doing on there?” they said, as if he thinks he’s being sneaky, “I am on and off all the time, I see it all.” It was then, that I revealed that they were long ago blocked from being able to see most of my activity, rendering them caught in an OUTRIGHT LIE!!! Finding excuses to call me stupid/ put me down – but these were MADE UP EXCUSES!! I LOVE IT!!!

They were also caught- screaming at me for something about which they know nothing. They were caught not just making assumptions or embellishing but OUTRIGHT LYING!! They were caught, throwing out FALSE, completely fabricated accusations, simply for the purpose of starting a fight. And they looked dumb, to put it nicely. And they had nothing more to say. And oh, the memory of this moment is so satisfying that I want to remember it and savor it forever.

Maybe that makes me a terrible person. I don’t care. I’ve gotta get my kicks where I can – especially when I am going through some really difficult times and not a lot has the power to make me smile. So here it is… something that makes me smile, forever immortalized on my blog.

Thanks – to the person who made this post possible, for giving me that moment that I can forever use to look back on and smile when I am having a hard or sad day.