Sven is a magical unicorn; by magical that is he can fly and he harbors some other powers that have yet to be revealed. Do not get confused: he does NOT have wings. He is NOT a Pegasus, though, speaking of Pegasus’s he is friends with many of these, who are also magical. Flying is not Sven’s only magical power. (Those will be revealed in time.)

Sven lives on a Ranch for Magical Creatures which can be found in Georgia’s Golden Isles. Sven often comes to visit me here in Jacksonville. He, like all of his magical cohorts, is brilliant in color. They are all unique. Sven is covered in a rainbow tie dye sort of coloring; this includes his mane and his tail. He is perfectly color coordinated, as are most magical creatures.

His interests are: poker, (he frequents Jax Beach for weekly games, even owns a home in Neptune Beach for vacationing purposes) spending time on the beach, enjoying the marine wildlife and advocating for Gray Rights. (We will delve into Gray Rights another time; this post is intended to introduce Sven.)

Celeste is Sven’s long-time girlfriend; she will be featured in her own post later. There are some complications here as you will see.

Sven has a sister, named Svetlana.  Svetlana is high up on the management chain at the Ranch for Magical Creatures or RMC. However, she has a dark side, that is yet to be revealed. This dark side, however is in direct violation to one of Sven’s major activities and life’s work -more on this later as well.

Bottom Line:

Sven is a main character from the RMC; I have been fortunate enough to meet him as he frequents the Jacksonville area and shares an interest in Poker with me. More to follow about his friends, family and the adventures they all share over on RMC.