Celeste’s name was taken from her looks, conveniently. She is a non-magical unicorn, but is very involved in the lives of magical creatures; it is her life’s work. Also, she happens to be the long-time girlfriend of Sven. She is gorgeous with her base color a navy blue and her main and tail a brilliant, sparkly gold with steaks of orange. She is covered in markings that many say, resemble celestial symbols. She and Sven are a very striking pair. They share interests; she often joins in on his poker games, even though they are really intended to be “guys’ nights”, she is very good at blending in, acting as one of the guys.

She also works side by side with Sven in his dedication to being an advocate for Gray Rights; a topic that will be elaborated on more later on.

Celeste lives on the Ranch for Magical Creatures, and works as a case worker. She brings in many other magical creatures that have nowhere else to go while finding placement for others. Her efforts are tireless and selfless. She will stop at nothing to find a good home for a magical creature; if one cannot be found there is always a place for them at RMC. She started out by putting in some community service on the ranch but ended up staying on and has been with them for over a decade now.

Although she is without magic, she is not without talent; she can gallop at speeds of up to 400 miles per hour! This comes in very handy in keeping up with her magical, flying boyfriend, as you can imagine!