Hubby and I have had a long standing (by long-standing I mean years) argument about the blankets that live on our king-size bed.

Each night he has to ‘fix’ them for me, before I can get into bed. By ‘fix’, I mean restore order. I call him ‘The Blankee Tamer’. You see, my blankees are not normal blankees. They are all alive. And they are all out to get me. Each morning I wake up to a scene that you would have to see to believe. Blankets everywhere, including wrapped around my neck. One may wind up over my head, while another is off the bed entirely, while others get dumped onto Tyler.

Except –I am not doing this. They are alive. Tyler doesn’t believe that they are out to kill me. He says “you are nuts/ the blankees are not alive, they are inanimate objects”.  I always reply with “That’s what they want you to think.”


Beware of killer blankees.