Once upon a time, there was a girl in her teens who, in order to help out her parents agreed to do some of the Christmas shopping for one of their other children. She would pick up some things, and submit the receipts to them for reimbursement.

The child being shopped for, was a big fan of a band called Weezer at this time and the Shopper went into a record store and came across an imported CD / special edition /single / B side type deal of a song Weezer had recently released. The song is called Hash Pipe. The disc came from the ‘Used’ section. The item appeared on the receipt as Used: hashpipe along with the price.

Shopper was one day coming into a room parents were located in, talking. She walked in on them scrutinizing said receipt going, “Hash pipe… used?! Why would she buy a USED one?” I would like to point out here, that the question was NOT “Why did our daughter buy our 14 year old son a hash pipe?” but rather “WHY IS IT USED?”

Cool parents, huh?