I’ve been to a LOT of concerts; I would say dozens, but to be quite honest it likely is more like hundreds. There have been periods in my life (mostly throughout my late teens and all of my 20’s) that I would go to several shows each week.

Often when shooting the breeze with hubby I will get to thinking or talking about some of the experiences we have shared, as well as some of those I had with others, before he was on the scene. A lot of good memories, and a lot of crazy times.

I thought I would start a ‘Concert Experiences’ category here on the blog so I can share memories, pictures, reviews of certain acts, etc. Maybe someday when I’m senile someone can read them to me and remind me of what a good time I’ve had. Or whenever I forget why I’m broke J and not a homeowner, I can look over them and be reminded of the lifestyle I chose.

I harbor no regrets, I’ve had a damn good time with my life and – hey if you can’t do that, why bother?!

More concert-related posts to follow!