See, she lives in Mom & Dad’s basement. They sold both of their houses, used the money to buy one bigger house and converted the basement into an in-law apartment. My Dad did it all himself; he’s mad talented like that.

Anyway, as a result of living under my parents, Nana seems to think they are her landlords. Whenever it snows, they should clean her car and shovel her out. Of course they are of the opinion that if she cannot clean off her car, she shouldn’t own one. (I am of the opinion that she should just give the car to me, but that’s irrelevant.)

If she has bugs, it’s my parents’ fault. It had nothing to do with the 87 Junior Mints smushed into the rug; it is all the landlords’ fault. If she has a mouse, same thing. It’s New England, mice come in. Shoot it’s better than the radioactive roaches we have here in Florida! (Again, irrelevant.)

So I guess one day, Mom arrived home from work to a rat in a bag. See, Nana had been complaining about mice. Mom and Dad have the ‘so put out traps/ what am I supposed to do about it?!’ attitude. Apparently this is unacceptable. They have also offered to send down LEO -he is their cat and he is a REALLY GOOD hunter. Also, if the mice realize a cat is around, wouldn’t they find somewhere else to crash anyway? I’ve heard that’s how it works. This is unacceptable. She cannot have that damn cat down there, he might mess something up. (By ‘mess something up’ she means… well no one knows what that means because the place is a stye that other people have to periodically dig her out of.)

So she did put down traps. And when she caught one, she placed it in a ziplock bag. When she heard Mom come home, she ran right on up to share it with her.

That makes perfect sense… right?

My Mom might just lose it one of these days.. and who wouldn’t with people bringing you mice in ziplock bags, collecting empty Shout bottles, etc. ?