The letter below is so incredibly well put. Some are upset, citing intolerance of religious beliefs and values being at hand here.

Sorry but the only thing Boston is being intolerant of is intolerance. This is amazing. Chick-Fil-A isn’t just a business trying to exercise their right to sell their product these days; they have made it very clear that they are driven by their religious beliefs and that they support the suppression of one group of people just because of their own hate and intolerance and they are trying to spread their own beliefs around, rather than just practicing the ‘live and let live’ motto & sell their chicken. Therefore, they absolutely do not belong anywhere near Boston’s Freedom Trail. They should stick to the ignorant South; I cannot imagine their sales would be magnanimous anyway in the North, where people have actual values and boycott those businesses who don’t.

Anyone who disagrees should make the trip up and remember how this country, which claims to celebrate Diversity and have ‘separation of church and state’ came to exist in the first place.




As usual, proud to be a stubborn Yankee who celebrates and admires diversity.