Seriously. She really did. To teach another driver a lesson.

She was driving her 2006 Toyota Rav 4 (which I am trying to convince her to give to me, coincidentally) and I was in the passenger seat. We were traveling from Lynn, MA to Beverly, MA to visit her sister who was baby sitting for her little granddaughters.

Around the corner from our destination we approached a 4 way stop /intersection. No lights, just stop signs; it’s a quiet little neighborhood. Nana quickly realized that the little sporty sedan flying directly at the passenger’s door (aka ME) had no intention of obeying the stop sign. Rather than just doing the safe thing and waiting for her to pass, she immediately floors it, TRYING to make this ‘deviant stop sign blower’ crash. If she hadn’t had really good brakes, I wouldn’t be here right now telling this story as she managed to halt right before her car and I became one.

When I asked, “Woman!! WTF are you doing?!” Nana’s completely rational reply was, “Well, if she had killed you, she would’ve learned not to blow stop signs.” I pointed out that IF SHE HAD KILLED ME, I, her ONLY GRANDDAUGHTER would be DEAD. She seemed to think I was being dramatic.

When we arrived at our destination a couple minutes later I was a bit shaken up, my great Aunt answered the door and could clearly see that I was disturbed. I immediately ‘told on’ Nana for trying to kill me; she of course denied it and has ever since. Of course anyone who knows her knows that this story is entirely true and pulling this sort of stunt is fairly normal for her.

*Writing this story into a blog post was inspired by Chris DeVoss; you should check out his blog, it’s hilarious.*

[will add link when I find it / must get back to SongPop.]