So the place we will call ‘G’, put my dog in the wrong urn, as I mentioned in another post. When I called (very upset) and told them to make this right, the owner herself got on the phone, screamed at me (literally) and called me names. In an attempt to sort of make up or safe face, the sales rep drove up to Jax, met with me and my practice manager and in the end said (after many apologies) “we would like to do something for you”.

She told me about this amazingly talented artist and showed me this:

Offered to have that ‘medallion’ done up for me, asked if I had a picture I could use. I immediately emailed her a picture, taking her up on her offer. Picture here:


After about 5 weeks, here is what I got:


Tyler said if he didnt know it was supposed to be her, he wouldn’t know it would be her. I’m not so sure. I didnt pay for it, it was a nice gesture. But it sure is not a ‘medallion’ and it sure is not as advertised (which is a huge problem for me and this company).

Anyone else want to comment on it or it’s likeness or lack thereof (or however you think) ? Looking for feedback.

I feel the need to at least draw her in a neck and some whiskers. 😦