So I lost Dallas on May 2 and, knowing she wouldn’t live forever  and knowing that I would NOT be functional / able to make her arrangements myself I picked out what I wanted a long time ago. I spent years deciding what I wanted for Dallas; I knew priviate cremation but I couldn’t decide on the perfect urn. For any other pets, no big deal. Burial at the in-laws’ or a cedar box. For Dallas, it needs to be something special. Something not common and that I feel is good enough for her.

After she was gone I was asked about final arrangements and I pointed out that there was a note in her electronic medical record, post-dated for the year 2020 so that it was right on top (most recent goes on top) and I requested that M make the arrangements because I’ve known this crematory to make a LOT of mistakes in my time there (we’ll call the crematory G) and I know that M will be firm and communicate properly. She did.

I wanted this: ( as pictured on their website)



I got a mess. I no longer have pictures, as they made me angry and I seem to have deleted them. I got a different box, with a cheesy plaque slapped on. The plaque did have the rainbow bridge poem on it, but it looked nothing like the above. It was tacky and it looked like Dallas drew the rainbow on it herself and it was slapped on, CROOKED and when I touched it, the thing fell right off. Her name plate was wrong. I’d specifically requested it say Dallas Bollen but it only said Dallas. It too was cheesy, and stuck on all crooked and carelessly. I flew into a hysterical fit, demanding a screw driver as I needed to take the box apart and get her OUT of that POS.

(Hubby was smart enough to not give me a screwdriver in that state; he got her out for me and she waited for a proper urn in a plastic bowl. Sad but less hideous and careless and unfit that G’s sad POS.)

I called G directly and told them how unacceptable it was to send up such a disaster, told them who I was. That I felt stupid for using them, since I’ve spent the last 3 years seeing them screw up on clients, but that I really thought they could handle this.. (as I’d seem them do it for another client in the past). The owner herself screamed at me, literally called me a liar. Claimed that they NEVER make mistakes and repeatedly called me a liar. Hung up on me. Then repeatedly called back just to yell at me. At some point, I threw my phone violently and it fell into several pieces -and she was left to yell at my voicemail. It was all very professional on both sides, as you can imagine.

While she was cursing out my voicemail, I went online and googled “Rainbow Bridge urn” and found exactly what I wanted in a better color and with what I feel is sort of a classy name plate. Hers says Dallas Bollen 1995-2012. Sample pic: 


Her name plate, which they had custom made by another party and shipped ahead of time:



Urn finally arrived today. I’ll insert a pic when I get around to it.

She’s finally in her final resting place, until I can be cremated and combined with her. Hubby, who put up with over 2 years of her trying to eat him for no reason (she was senile and viewed him as competition, we think) took me out for dinner, suggesting it be in honor of her and in celebration of her finally finding her final resting place. It was a decent end to a really bad day. (& now that she’s in her proper urn, let the shrine building begin…)