I was just doing the laundry -and this is reason #876 that I do NOT normally do housework: I discovered that I washed a pack of gum (it was in one of the many pockets on my cargo pants, oops). I told Tyler, “The laundry smells minty fresh!” He did not appreciate this, but it sparked a funny memory…

When Dallas & I still lived on Cook St with Parents & Brothers I once came home to the usual Dallas greeting, tail wagging, leaping on me, showering me in kisses. I noticed she smelled nice. About 2 seconds later I, remembering she’s a dog asked her, “Heyyyy… why do you smell minty fresh?” and went about investigating. She apparently had stolen a pack of Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum out of my room.


The wrappers of 5 sticks of gum were intact, spread all over my bedroom floor as she proudly chomped on a large wad of it. Of course I proceeded to shove my hand in her mouth and remove it but even at the time I couldn’t help laughing. To this day I have known many dogs who have gotten into gum and they all were foreign bodies. Leave it to my dog to figure out it is for chewing only….