Random bits of pieces of memories keep coming at me, flashing through quickly as if in a dream or something. I thought I would share them here, if for nothing else – the sake of my own sanity. Feel free to comment OR ignore / I will not take offense either way. I’m going to do whatever I gotta to survive this nightmare.

Blueberry footprints all over my master bed room.
(I’d put down her daily plate of yogurt for her enjoyment. She did eat it, but first felt a need to walk through it, leaving blueberry paw prints all over the rug. What I wouldn’t give to be scrubbing them up now.)


Her gatorchomp. Technician Van holding her leash – she’s at the other end. He simply has to give a quick IM shot of adequan. Her crazed, superfast, loud chomp chomp chomp – nose wrinkled and all and clearly out for blood. Over almost nothing. A simple shot.


The day she took up oinking: Tyler and I had spent the day in Orlando. We come home, the dog is oinking. She never stopped until the end either.


Fan Battle: Tyler has a fan by his side of the bed. Dallas decided it is nice to lie in front of her friend, Mr. Fan sometimes. Tyler dislikes this, shouting “STOP BLOCKING MY AIR”. Eventually Dallas figures out how to share the fan. She positions herself so that she can still enjoy it, and Tyler never knows a thing as he still feels his precious air.

Dallas v. Toilet: Her obsession with water led her to rage war on the toilets in the house. I often walked in on her either simply trying to flip up the lid with her snout, or studiously examining the contraption, trying to figure out just how to get out that delicious water.


Kiss Attack: In her younger days, she would knock me down (on my back, on the kitchen floor) and stand on me, covering me in excessive, wet, slimy dog kisses. As I giggled and yelled at her to let me up, she only found encouragement. Wagging that tail all the while and forcing her happy kisses on me. Which leads me to MY snatching up her face in my hands and forcing MY kisses on her in her older years… she would grumble up a storm, while nuzzling me. It was like she liked it, but didn’t want anyone to know- typical teenager, no?


Unfair wrestling matches: As kids we’d wrestle her to no end. I could be the one to make the move that pissed her of, but Dana inevitably took the bite… so unfair. Such a good sport about it he was.


Dana’s videos of her: I could go on all day but that one that most stands out in my mind is when he had to do a commercial for television production class. He decided to do it on dog food. He films Dallas walking up to a big bowl of food, voiceover all the while discussing how much dogs love it. She picks up a few pieces… and then spits them out nearby and walks off the scene. I would give my left arm to gain possession of this footage. Just a small example of her refusal to cooperate or take orders.


Crunching on Cockroaches! How the F her blind, deaf, slow, senile self caught those fuckers I will never know, but she clearly considered them to be a delicacy and would treat Florida as an all you can eat buffet whenever we walked around at night. Gross. No matter how much I told her to “STOP CRUNCHING ON ROACHES!!” she only ate more. 


I just realized,  I need some sleep. What will get me up in the morning? If I do not need to take her out, feed her, pill her… why bother getting out of bed ?  I suppose I could stay there forever since she doesn’t need me anymore…. I do not think tomorrow is looking any better. I guess we’ll see. If anyone bothers to read this and thinks of a reason for me to get out of bed in the a.m. , please do tell….