As Dallas entered into senility in the fall of 2009, we didn’t know it but we were in for quite the trip. She developed lots of … we’ll call them ‘quirky’ habits and preferences. She would have bouts of what I called ‘no one’s home’. She would be confused, or maybe even not Dallas at all for a little while. She always came back to me of course, and she remained a happy dog for the most part. (I occasionally, upon observing that vacant expression in her face would say something like, “Dallas isn’t home right now but Muriel or Harriet would be happy to assist you…”)

At some point we came to discover that she seemed to have multiple personalities. We discovered their names by yelling names at random until she responded consistently to one. (Now this will probably make us sound crazier than she was, but hey -it was our reality.)

We discovered there was a personality called Harriet. I really enjoyed walking Harriet because she would poop ANYWHERE  – whereas Dallas herself was a VERY finicky pooper and we might be out walking all damn night waiting for her to find an acceptable place. There was Muriel. She was sweet, mild mannered. There was Bruno – Tyler discovered this one on his own and knew him well. Yes him, apparently Bruno was a shady male dog. I witnessed Bruno only a time or 2 and very briefly – there definitely was a distinct expression in the eyes and shady behavior. Bruno did not like Tyler- but would still never hurt me, it seemed.

In September 2011 we traveled to Tampa where we spent about 7 nights in a Hampton Inn. Here’s Dallas settling in:


Yea it’s grainy, I took it on my phone. Deal. She’s still adorable.

Anyway she ate like a queen every day, as Hamptons have their awesome ‘free hot breakfast’. She ate all kinds of people food- it varied from day to day on the hot items. She would have eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, omelets, etc- whatever they heated up that day, along with some toast and a yogurt. We discovered that she really likes peach yogurt, a flavor I had never bought her myself yet. She would usually eat Peach, but every so often mix it up and go for strawberry.

So back to the name thing. One morning we were having breakfast & getting ready to go out and she wasn’t answering to any of her usual names, not even “Dog”. Usually all the personalities answered to ‘Dog’. I took to calling her ‘Dog’ as it was often easier than figuring out who was who -they all seemed to know that I was referring to or talking to her if I used that word. I came to affectionately just plain call her Dog in recent months.

So Tyler & I proceed to yell out new names at random, waiting to see if she is responsive to anything. For some reason I threw up “Spartacus”. She responded, and for the rest of the trip refused to answer to anything except Spartacus. I could never chose a favorite memory of her, there are way too many – but this one has got to be up there.

Another morning, we left her with her breakfast and went out for a bit. We came home to find that rather than eating her peach yogurt that morning SparaDog decided it was more important to use it as war paint…. yup … only MY dog…


She did a pretty good job, and she was not thrilled with me when I cleaned it off.