Dallas has been consistently losing weight for several years now. In her prime she was about 63#. Today she’s 29.6   … killing me. Oncologist put her on weekly B12 shots about 3ish months ago now. I learned how to give them and I do them myself at home and she tolerates them very well. After weeks of the B12 injections, she finally stopped losing weight! I had the first week in many, many years where she maintained her weight! I was super excited! This went on for several weeks with me weighing her obsessively.

Finally, she put on a couple, going from 29 to 32.6 ! She held at 32.6 for a 2-3 weeks. Oncologist said it’s not necessary to keep the B12 at every week; we backed down to every other week. Her first week off, she went down to 29.6. Fail.

She also has a runny nose (again, second time) so I want to restart her on Doxycycline (took care of the problem right away last time – and no other symptoms). Well, Doxy is yucky right? She needs to get it into her AND of course, not be turned off food.

I decided to make a pot roast, got a super easy slow cooker recipe from a friend, bought the ingredients and finally it’s ready. I brought her a bowl, loaded not only with the Doxy, but her Tylosin power (also gross), her Selegeline, Sotalol, Pepcid (preemptive strike against the Doxy). I placed it right under her nose and left for a bit.

When I checked to see if she approved, the meat was all gone and the veggies left behind. I was appalled. Being in a delicious (bad-for-her-sodium/onion mess) beef broth I figured she’d inhale it all. I said, somewhat shocked: DALLAS BOLLEN!!! EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!” She promptly stuck her head into the bowl, sucked down the veggies, licked it clean and proceeded to look for more! (She then ate bowl #2, pill free!)

If only she were always that obedient. I remember a time when she was….