I don’t think I posted very much in the past week; I just haven’t had time. I thought I would just post some of the more eventful moments of Dallas & my life together this week. This may or may not be a repeated feature, it will depend upon my mood and free time.

Anyway, Sunday-Monday were uneventful. She spent Sunday lounging in front of Disney Channel while I periodically placed food under her nose. Tough life, huh? Monday she hung out in her master suite while I worked. Both days she had her occasional fights with Toilet (see Post: Dallas v. Toilet if you are unfamiliar with these).

Tuesday was mostly uneventful. When I took her out for our ‘before work’ walk, I heard a crunching. I cringed, assuming she was crunching on a cockroach (she does that – ugh!) , but nope. She’d snatched a pizza crust off Hubby’s plate. 🙂 Sneaky girl.

Wednesday, I arrived home from seeing The Hunger Games with Hubby to find a flaming orange door tag on our front door, informing us that I am “under investigation” by the city’s Animal Care & Control. Comments, and I quote “We have received a complaint/ concern about the condition of a dog in your care. Please contact me to discuss this issue. Thank you. -Officer Thompson, ID Number 212” Yup. Dallas is sooooo neglected. So after lots of panicking I returned their call and was informed that a neighbor called in to complain that my dog is “malnourished, unable to walk and neglected”. Well, first of all she walks just fine and I would like to see how well 119 year old people walk for that matter. Second of all, as all neighbors must be painfully aware, I am out with that dog every two hours saying, “Go pee! Dallas, go pee! Go pee. Ssssssssssssss .. go pee… do you have to poop? …” you get the idea… so the claims of ‘unable to walk’ and ‘neglected’ are clearly flat out lies. I CAN see why one would be concerned over her appearance as she does not look as old as she is, and she is super skinny.


Ironically, she has been this skinny (or worse) over the past 2 years. In the past several months, I finally managed to get her to stop losing weight, (thanks to the help of her board certified Oncologist and Internists) and even put a couple pounds back on. (Her all time low is 28 lbs, When I received the notice she was 32 lbs.) 

My conversation with Animal Care & Control went something like this :

“This is Tiffany, how can I help you?

Me: My name is Jessie, I am calling in response to the annoying orange door hanger you left me…

Tiffany: Yes ma’am, what is your address and I will pull it up… I see here. Yes a dog in your care is malnourished, unable to walk and neglected, according to a fellow resident.

Me: Yea.. about that… the dog is almost 17 years old. She IS very skinny, but being treated for it by board certified veterinary specialists, where I work actually. She walks just fine. She does have arthritis, she may limp occasionally, but she mostly walks just fine and she IS being treated for her arthritis. She is also senile, and she is being treated for her senility -again by the board certified veterinary specialists I work for.

Tiffany: I’m sorry, you said she is.. how old?!?!

Me: She will be 17 in July.

Tiffany: Did you say 17?! 17?!

Me: Yes ma’am, she’s almost 17.

Tiffany: Are you telling me you’ve got a DOG that is 17 in HUMAN YEARS?!

Me: Yes.. well she’s still 16 for another 3 months…but yes, human years.

Tiffany: Oh my goodness! How long have you had her?

Me: Since she was 8 weeks old.

Tiffany: Oh, that is so sweet. Is she up to date on rabies?

Me: Yes, until June of 2012, at which time I will request the aforementioned specialists advise against renewing because, well you know- she’s so old. 

Tiffany: Oh yes, of course.

Me: So what do we do now? I am supposed to reschedule the visit? It will have to take place at my work, as that is where the dog and I can almost always be found…

Tiffany took a message for Officer Thompson. She didnt call back within 24 hours so I called again. I got the run around; clearly Dallas is not their top priority. Meanwhile she’s coming to work with my everyday until this is cleared up, in case they show up again without calling ahead.


Saturday Dallas & I were at work all day. Partway through I decided I should give her a pee break – as it happens she’s got this new weird thing where she will not go in the backyard- she will hold it for 8-12-14 hours and then let loose in the parking lot, no matter how many times she’s been in the backyard. So today I said, “I’ll save us both the trouble and take her out front…” It worked, she peed right away in case you were wondering. As she was finishing up a car pulled up and thinking it might be for me, I rushed Dallas inside so that I could be at my desk and ready to check them in… As Dallas & I were walking in, a woman stepped out of the car and exclaimed, “Oh my God!! That dog is being starved to death!!” Now, we’re at an Internal Medicine clinic and my shirt has the name of said clinic spread across it. It obviously never occurred to the woman that the dog’s underweight problem might be WHY she was at the specialist. I put my dog away and returned to my post, just as Man with her was adamantly demanding to talk to someone about the condition of the dog that is obviously being purposely starved to death. The nice ER receptionist who shares the desk with us was diligently trying to get him to drop it before I returned but no luck.

In any other scenario I’d have lit into those people, but being at work I had to behave myself. This is the very job that I keep just so that I can provide for this dog – obviously working there I have fast access to who I have deemed the best doctors in the world (they have saved her life more than once) and I do get a bit of a discount on her meds, various rx diets and services. Being nearly 17, she’s costing me around $500 / month in meds and rx food. That does not count the money I spend at Publix or the time I spend cooking so that I can GET the meds INTO her.

This dog is far from neglected.

Having to behave myself I simply “admitted” that “the starved dog” is mine, “doing quite well for her age”, that I’m willing to bet she eats better than all of us combined and pointed out that being an employee pet, she does have access to / is seen by an array of specialists. Woman asked how old she was, I ignored that question, not in the mood to justify myself. (Seeing as how I spent the past 3 years telling all the neighbors all about her and they still “reported” me to the city. Clients did not apologize but did act mildly remorseful claiming they “didnt mean to piss” me off.

Oh well. She IS super skinny; guess this is my life now. I just find it frustrating and ironic that this all comes about as she’s finally putting weight back on!!

My most recent pic of her, snapped in the past 6-7 days. I took it as I was complaining that she lies on the hard floor NEXT TO her many beds…


 ***UPDATE 7.21.12

I incidentally ended up meeting Officer Thompson shortly after losing Dallas. She had been called off in light of Dallas’ passing, thanks to a mutual friend who took care of it for me. When I met Officer Thompson, she was at work to pick up an abandoned dog -and actually tried to get me to take in the dog. Clearly Animal Care & Control has clearly deemed me not to be an unfit owner. Just sayin!!