At this point in Dallas’ life it is impossible to explain her. Those who have known her since she was a pup or even have followed her on Facebook in recent years may have some idea. I hope to, over a series of posts get across her personality. Of course I think she’s unique, I’m her Mom -but others do too actually. She definitely has gotten weird in her old age. She knows what she wants, how to tell me what she wants and how to get it out of me -and best of all -how to express her displeasure with me whenever I fail to accommodate a demand of hers.

I guess I will start with the acquisition of her looneyness and add other posts -various memories, events and pictures as I remember them.

I always wanted a dog. As a small child the family had Moby, a shepherd/ doberman mix. Gorgeous dog and a sweetheart from what I remember. He was my pal. When Mom got knocked up with Baby #3 (I’m the oldest), she decided she didn’t need 3 kids and a dog and Moby went to live on a farm. (No really, he did -a man who owned a lot of land came in the night and took him.)

After that I was bitter -to this day, I kinda think we should’ve gotten rid of Brother and kept the dog… and I always wanted a dog. Finally shortly after turning 14, I got my wish.

A family friend found a stray shar-pei/ pitbull mix in Chelsea, Massachusetts, obviously pregnant and homeless. (The theory is that she was used for fighting and dumped when she got knocked up.. but who knows.) She was not a very nice dog (again supports the theory that she didn’t have the nicest life). Family Friend , having a very large heart took her in and homed out all the puppies when they arrived. Mom’s name was Blossom.

Upon the birth of the puppies, myself and other neighborhood kids would of course show up at Blossom’s house to play with said puppies. There were about 6-8, if I remember. They all looked different. The family’s young daughter named them all. Dallas was , at that time “Dina”. I remember Oreo, Mikey, Taz – I don’t remember the other litter mates’ names right now. “Dina” was unique- there was one litter mate who looked just like her except, Dina had a ridge on the back of her neck (sort of like that of Rhodesian Ridgeback, but theirs are on their backs). I immediately bonded with Dina, she was the most active and as a brand new baby would cause trouble. She’d come at me and untie my shoelaces to get my attention -crawl into my lap and demand to be loved. Who could resist such a cute, wrinkly little pup?

When my parents saw the puppies and agreed to take one, they signed up for Oreo, a black brindle pup. I wasn’t complaining, I just wanted a dog. We were getting a dog! We decided that when she came home, her name would be “Dallas” after the Dallas Cowboys. This was the summer of 1995.

Turned out, another Family Friend member had already promised Oreo out, Dina was the only one left so we were getting her. Yay!! Troublemaker would be all mine!

To this day, I believe we were meant for each other; if we weren’t different species I’d think I gave birth to her sometimes, we are just so much alike. I’m not here to get into the Nature v. Nurture debate so I’ll move on.

When she was 8 weeks old and spayed we picked her up from the Animal Rescue League in Salem on Highland Ave and paid the fee. She was sleepy from her surgery, but I wouldn’t let her out of my sight, even napping on the ground in the backyard with her. Mom and brothers were like “WHAT are you doing?” but I wanted to be there when she woke up and was ready to meet her new family.

Not too many puppy pictures remain, that we are aware of. I’ll share one here though, taken at about 8-10 weeks old, I believe.