So today, I left work for about 10 minutes to run an errand. As I approached our car I noticed a blue sticker I didn’t recognize.. I did a double take. It looks like this:


Obviously didnt belong on this car. I peeled it off fairly easily. It was covering up a rainbow Coexist sticker.




The sticker features a website:  Grace[is] so of course I had to check it out. I immediately suspected “cult” but who am I to judge?

Personally, upon visiting the site I do find it to be cult-like but judge for yourself.

I hate Jacksonville, The South, The Bible Belt – and this is why. Our rainbow COEXIST sticker encourages tolerance of all beliefs and lifestyles. Some JesusFreak who obviously does not, felt a need to cover up our small effort to express ourselves on our own property. Believe whatever you want – go right ahead and believe that a man was born as a result of ‘immaculate conception’ to a virgin, that he died and was resurrected, that he created everything all by himself in 6 days – as looney as I think that is, I will not dispute your right to believe this way. Therefore you should not push your looney beliefs on me, especially by defacing my property. Is that really too much to ask?


I hope I get to hear what the Grace[is]Truth cult thinks about this as I of course, contacted them. See below:

Hi there. Today I found your blue ‘Christ’ sticker STUCK ON MY CAR. It was covering up a COEXIST sticker. I respect your right to believe whatever idiocy you want. I even respect your right to express yourself and try to spread the word – but YOU DEFACED MY PROPERTY. Do you encourage your fellow Grace members to use your products to deface other people’s property?

I anxiously await your reply.
Thank you.