Today I learned a few new things about pelicans.

  • Apparently, the occasionally hiss.
  • The babies are much braver than the adults
  • They WILL poke out each other’s eyes over a piece of fish
  • They are fast learners.
  • They can get a little aggressive -always take a buddy along when food is involved just in case.
  • 1 in 200 Brown Pelicans are man-eating

I had Hubby go ahead of me so he could get some peaceful shots before I came along with the food and spawned all hell. I did follow shortly behind though with several pounds of fresh fish. One very large baby got a bit aggressive, coming at me – not just after my fish. I had to yell to Tyler for backup. I threw a piece of fish into his mouth; he actually spit it out and proceeded to advance on me! Tyler had to come separate us!

One large adult, who we named Miss Piggy caught/intercepted probably the majority of what was thrown. If someone else managed to get one, she did not forgive them, stabbing them in the eye or biting their throat to express her displeasure.

They all came right up to me in a pack. With the exception of giant baby and Miss Piggy, the rest were grateful and polite. The seagulls screamed up a storm and tried their best to steal the fish. They didn’t get too many pieces. The most polite of the gang hung around and posed for pictures after the food was gone and I’d washed up.

I also strolled over to the beach for just a few minutes afterwards; those pictures are at the end. Once again a big thanks so the staff of Jacks or Better Casino Boat and Safe Harbour Sea Food for not kicking us out. 🙂


My pics: