Went to see the pelicans today of course. What else would I do on a day off? Had a great time. Brought about 5 lbs of food for them in the hope that Hubby could get some close up shots while I fed them. It wasn’t the overwhelming, ‘Pelican Heaven’ experience I had when I was lucky enough to be surrounded by them last week (as fisher cleaned her catch and threw them a few pieces). But it was still amazing. Many of them were very skittish. Many wouldn’t come closer than a nearby docked boat, but I threw pieces and they caught them – they’ve got mad skills!

A few braver ones came right up to us. Hubby got some great shots, which I’ll share since he gave me his permission. Lots of good action shots and funny big-mouth shots.

We wandered over to the nearby beach area and fed a few other brave ones as well. One of them was willing to take a piece right out of my hand! A goal of mine! But I sort of chickened out at the last second.  I am confident that he wouldn’t have hurt me, I guess I spazzed. He opened his mouth big enough to swallow my head whole, he came right on over to me  and all I could see were the sharp tooth-looking points on his beak and I instinctively backed off. An amazing experience still, seeing him so close, with his mouth wide open and him so willing to come up to me. I hope I am lucky enough to try again!

After we ran out of food I returned to the Jacks Or Better area and snapped a few quick shots myself, some of which I will also share here. *(To see Hubby’s, click the link above.)